Double Winter Pajamas

Hey guys.

Here's the step by step for the double winter pajamas. I use this when the temperatures start falling really low like 5 C and below. 

The measurements for this is the same as the single layered pajamas. Same pattern and everything so head on over there for all that information. 

Remember to wash all your fabric before cutting them up. ALWAYS. All fabrics shrink a little the first time you wash it and you want that to happen before you make a fitted sweater for your dog or it might be too small later. Remember, you can make the legs longer if you want to. 

Here's what you need to cut out:

4 pieces for the front legs. 4 pieces of reflective bands. 4 pieces of stretch jersey. 1 piece of fabric 46cm x 46 cm for the neck/snood. Two pieces of body pieces. EXTRA: I decided to sew in a piece of merino wool as well. You will see that later. 

We'll start off with the front legs. Grab the outside fleece (I will call it inside fleece and outside fleece) by itself and one piece of reflective band. Use pin needles on to hold it while you sew it on. 

PS. Cut off strings as you go so you don't have to spend time doing that later.

Put your two layers together and hold them together with pin needles. We're gonna sew on the stretch jersey. What's important to remember is to sew like an 2cm WITHOUT stretching, but after that you have to stretch it all the way. 

Sew the reflective bands on the back legs as well. Remember to only sew it on the outside fleece.

If you don't have merino wool then skip this step. Grab the inside fleece and sew a piece of merino wool on it. Remember, wool has to touch the skin for it to be most effective. After sewing the wool on, use pin needles to hold the inside and outside fleece together. 

It's time to do the edges at the back and on the sides. Flip in the edges in about 1cm and sew together. Remember to get both pieces of fleece. 

Sew the jersey on the back legs. Remember to STRETCH! 

Time to sew on the front legs. This one is a little tricky, I know, so I have tried my best to take a step by step of how I do it. Hopefully this one is a little easier to understand than the previous pictures. 

Time to sew the back legs together. Try to align the jersey as well as you can so it looks like one piece when you flip it over. 

Move on to the neck piece. I hate sewing round things, so I tend to stretch/move it so it looks like it's straight. It makes the sewing much easier. 

Now we're gonna sew the front legs together. This picture is a little blurry (sorry about that), but I hope you still get it. The red lines show where to sew. 

We're just about done. Only one seam left! The chest and neck gets sewn together in one long seam.

Done! Yay! 

Here's my beautiful Lille modeling :-)

PLEASE send me a picture to labeled Iggy Pajamas if you use this pattern. I would love to see a picture. I hope this helped everyone in some way.