I made this raincoat at random last week and photographed the steps as I went. I haven't measured any of the pieces yet, but I'll get to that. I just put a big piece of fabric over the dogs and measured, so I suggest you do the same! 

So here is the main piece. The inside is polar fleece and the outside is rain fabric. Place the raincoat fabric with the outside pointing in, because you're gonna flip it later. Sew it along the entire piece, except the neck area.

Flip it inside out after sewing. 

Sew along the same line. Look at the picture to below to understand what I mean.

Now it's time to move on to the chest piece. Cut out two of them (I also just measured this by eye) and sew where I have drawn the white lines. 

Flip it inside out and sew along the white lines again. 

I don't know how to explain the one below, so just look a the pictures. You're gonna need to close the top of the chest piece. 

Now we have to add a scarf. You decided the length yourself. 

Iggy have arched backs, so we have to make sure the backpart goes down. Flip the piece inside out and follow the steps below.

Now we have to connect the chest piece and main piece together. Remember to do face the outsides together so it's right when you flip it.

Only two more steps and we're done! Next we have to put a buckle on the chest piece so we can fasten it. 

Last step! Put the raincoat on your dog. See how the backside flares out from the sides? Let's fix it! 

Put a needle down on both sides on the spot that holds it in the best. Make it symmetrical! Sew and you're done! 

CONGRATS! You have now made a gorgeous raincoat for your iggy. :-)

Remember to send me a picture at myawesomebeauty@gmail.com labeled iggy raincoat so I can see your version and put it up on the frontpage.  :-)