I will add a pattern for you to upload, but I don't know when I'll have the time. It might be a couple of weeks - so until then you can go ahead and draw up your own. :-) Good luck! 

NB! Remember that the size below is for my dogs. You'll have to resize it to fit your dog.

Luigi is 36cm from the base of his neck to the top of his tail. 



This is the main part. Before sewing, make sure you've decided which side of the fabric you want to be the outside and which side to be the inside. Fold in towards the inside. 

1. Cut out your pattern.
2/3- Sew the edges around the body and arms as marked on picture two. Been made ready to sew on picture 3. 
4. Result is picture below. 



This is the chest-piece. It gets sewn together with the main piece and neckpiece. The bigger part is the top finishing the neckline. Before sewing, make sure you've decided which side of the fabric you want to be the outside and which side to be the inside. It should match the main piece. 

1. Cut out your pattern.
2. Sew the edges around the arms and the chest as shown on the picture.
3. The result. 


To to start sewing the pieces together; make sure you have the inside out before starting. Grab the chest piece with the smaller part down towards you and sew it together with the main piece as shown in pictures. Picture below shows the result when it's turned right side out. 


Now it's time to sew the chest piece shut. Turn it inside out again and sew the remaining pieces together as shown in pictures. Third picture shows result when turned right side out. Now we're almost done! 

Time to get the neck ready. Cut out your neck piece and fold it in half. Put pins in to keep it in place.  


Turn the main piece right side out and start pinning on the neck. I'm having a hard time explaining this part so I'm hoping the pictures speak for itself. If I'm making it harder for myself putting the neck on after the main piece is already sewn together then someone please tell me how to do it before. I'm not an experiences seamstress so I'm not too good at figuring out how to make things easier just yet. 

After sewing on the neckpiece to the main piece, sew the last seam together and cut off the excess. 


Italian greyhound have arches backs so having a straight back on a piece of clothing will make it stand right up around the butt instead of curving down. So make sure the main piece is inside out and add a seam like you see in the picture above. Cut off the excess and turn it right side out. Now the piece will lay down across the butt and it'll fit much better.

You're done! Hope this was easy enough to understand. If you make one, please send me a picture to misshalat@gmail.com so I can put it on the front page. :-) Thank you!