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My name is Halat Sophie and I own the most gorgeous italian greyhound named Luigi. I got him spring of 2012 and he is 8 months old as I am writing this in late September 2012. I live in Norway and the weather can be very cold here and as you know, italian greyhounds don't have too much fur and fat to keep them warm. As fall was coming closer and the weather was getting colder, I started looking at clothes for him. I was shocked at the prices! How can a fleece-sweater for my tiny dog cost more than a sweater for myself? I had gotten a sewing machine for Christmas in 2011 which had only been used to make a single pillow. I decided that it was time for me to learn how to use it so that I could keep Luigi warm without breaking the bank. Plus, it's always nicer to decide for yourself which colors and styles you want for your dog.

Luigi was 1 year 3 months old in this picture. Taken April 2013.

Luigi was 1 year 3 months old in this picture. Taken April 2013.

I went online and started searching for tutorials and patterns, but I didn't find anything. Or, I did find a few very simple ones, but for someone who hasn't sewn much (or ever?) in their life, they were just too simple. There wasn't much left for me to do than to start experimenting on my own. I went out and bought two types of fabric, cheap 100% cotton for testing and polar fleece for the end result. I started drawing and cutting and sewing and fitting. After my 6th version, I finally had something I liked, that kept Luigi warm and didn't hinder his movement (as we all know, greyhounds like to run!) and that was easy to make. 

I'm a believer of free information so I decided to make this website and share what I had learned instead of trying to make money from it. For those of you that can already sew, some of the steps in my tutorials might be useless, but for someone like me, who can't really sew, they are important. Those who have been sewing for a long time know some things that they don't really think about, but for beginners, these things aren't logical quite yet. So the tutorials have a lot of images and careful explaining so anyone can make these.

Introducing; Lille!  She was 5 years old when we adopted her September 2013.   

Introducing; Lille! 

She was 5 years old when we adopted her September 2013. 


I want everyone wondering how to make these clothes to know and the only way that can happen is if you guys share the site. I appreciate all the comments and questions you have and I'll try to answer them all. Don't be shy, do let me know what you think about this site by commenting on the different tutorials!  


Halat Sophie.

NB! You can make these clothes for all dog breeds. There is one significant difference though between italian greyhounds and other breeds and that is the arched back. Most dogs have straight backs which makes it slightly easier to make clothes for them, but italian greyhounds have arched backs which makes fitting harder. Just make these with a straight back and you're good to go!

I will add more tutorials below as I make the different pieces. 

NB! NB! Luigi and Luigi now have their own Instragram account - http://instagram.com/lilleandluigi

Lille and Luigi ready for the Norwegian winter. 

Lille and Luigi ready for the Norwegian winter. 


Double layered polar fleece

This double layer polar fleece sweater keeps Luigi warm in weather as cold as 5 °C (41 °F). Because it's double layered, it also does a good job of keeping the wind away. You can make this with or without the neckpiece. I use a harness on him so there is a harness hole in the back.

Remember; this is a VERY pictureheavy tutorial, so make sure you have a decent internet connection or the images will take forever to load. You could also just due with major patience. 



This full body suit was the hardest challenge in making clothes for Luigi. He has to be able to move and run freely as well as be able to play and iggies have a lot of curves you need to pay attention to.

This is a full body suit made with fleece. It has a hole in the middle so male dogs can pee without hitting the clothes.

I have made this in single layer fleece, but you can of course make it double layered or with other fabrics such as wool.



This is a really simple collar which can be made to look really really cool. You can make tons of different designs, different colors and add reflective bands. 

It's super soft and wide to suit iggy necks.  


Sleeveless Body


This is perfect for when the weather is just starting to turn chilly or when the wind is just slightly too cold. Luigi wears this between temperatures 10C - 15C. 



Double Winter Fleece

This is the sweater I use on my dogs when it starts getting really cold. It has two layers of polar fleece and merino wool. This is for when it gets colder then 5C. 



A simple raincoat with soft fleece on the inside. 

Reader-made clothes!

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